Risk Management

Risk Surveys – Risk management and loss prevention is about analyzing, assessing, handling, preventing, reducing, and controlling those risks which have an impact on the business operations of your company. Our teams risk surveys goal is to come up with a complete understanding and recommendations to the treatment of all risks identified. Helping your business in the implementation of recommendations cited.

Valuations – We do revaluation exercises for all the properties and motor vehicles to align them with the current market values. We also provide valuation of your Business assets for Insurance purposes, there is no better time than right now to review your company’s insurance coverage if you have expanded or downsized, for you to know if your business is properly covered in case of an accident, litigation, or loss. A valuation can be a vital tool to a company when making various decisions.

Our valuations provides current Replacement Cost Values and ensures the correct level of insurance coverage. We also provide the Actual Cash Value of the assets and an accurate property record.

Claims Valuations – With a team of seasoned assessors in fields of agriculture, property consultancy and motor vehicle we offer quality claims valuation for Farmers and Businesses and individuals. Our team takes great care to make sure that the correct value of your loss is what is paid as indemnity to our client.

Enterprise Risk Management – we offer a complete risk management exercise from identification, evaluation and economic control of all risks that threaten the assets or earning capabilities of your organization. We assist the company in creating a holistic framework to their Risk Management policy as a company. We help monitoring if the framework in place is being followed and ensure reduced losses in the businessoperations.